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Hoboken’s Spa Diner: All Day, All Night, And Always Essential

A local favorite gets favored status for decades of service.

All Zagat Stories are created by our editorial team. This story is presented by Uber Eats, who we’ve partnered with to shed light on how independent restaurants have been impacted by the current crisis, and are proud to share their stories as they continue to feed their communities during this time. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, supporting our local restaurant community has never been more important.

In the very first week of the pandemic, officials in Hoboken, New Jersey, declared Spa Diner an essential business. That’s because for the past 39 years, their 24/7 service was a consistent go-to for local police, fire departments, EMTs, train conductors, and more. In fact, half the diner’s total business happens in the overnight shift. A robust delivery operation and the “essential” declaration allowed owner Sean McGarr to keep all his employees working and earning during the crisis. In thanks, McGarr served 4,500 meals through donations to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter and other organizations.