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The Curbside Appeal Of San Francisco’s PizzaHacker

Jeff “PizzaHacker” Krupman hacked the perfect pizza, and now he is hacking his business using new technology to get through the pandemic.

Square has the tools to run your business—even when it’s not business as usual. To help businesses make the shifts they need, Square partnered with Zagat Stories to tell the stories of Square sellers navigating the current pandemic and planning for what comes next.

Jeff Krupman, aka PizzaHacker, discovered his love of pizza on a milestone trip to Italy. Ever since, he’s been on a quest to hack his own version of Italian pie, complete with ingredients, influences, and attitude unique to the Bay Area. With two locations of his restaurant to operate in the pandemic (one opening right in the middle of the crisis), he found success pivoting to curbside pickup, QR codes, and a unified point-of-sale system to keep his orders and kitchen in sync.