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The Details: How Korean Design Defines The Experience At Atomix

Where diners select their own chopsticks, review menu cards redesigned for each season, and eat from custom bowls crafted by different artists.

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Following on the success of their Korean prix fixe Atoboy in the neighborhood of New York’s Madison Square Park, married partners Junghyun and Ellia Park wasted little time opening a second venue nearby. Atomix also serves innovative Korean cuisine, but this time via 10-course tasting menu in a two-story townhouse, with a bar above and theatrical stage kitchen below. Seated at a U-shaped table around the chefs, guests choose from a bandolier of individually crafted chopsticks. Each course begins with a striking menu card representing and explaining the next dish. And the bowls and dishes were custom-designed by a range of different Korean artists in collaboration with the Parks’ vision.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on their restaurants’ workforce, the Parks have established a crowdfund to help alleviate the financial burdens on their staff.