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Welcome To The New Zagat

Meeting the moment with an opportunity to reconnect restaurants and diners.

In 1979, two Americans living in Paris found themselves wishing for a restaurant resource that reflected the opinions of their trusted friends rather than those of professional critics or mystery reviewers. So Nina and Tim Zagat created the guide they’d always wanted. The subsequent success of what became the iconic Zagat Restaurant Guide introduced the world to the idea of user-generated content—and democratized restaurant criticism forever.

Today, we see a new opportunity for Zagat to reconnect restaurants and diners after more than a year apart. An opportunity to emphasize trust, curation, and utility. An opportunity to meet the moment.

That’s why we are so excited to launch a new Zagat digital platform—one with the same goal as the original guide: to collect and celebrate the opinions and experiences of restaurant-goers. The new Zagat will look familiar, but it will also have a few new features that set it apart.

First of all, we’re making some tweaks to the original 30-point, three-category Zagat rating system. In addition to those three rating categories—food, service, and atmosphere—Zagat will now have a new category which includes ratings for delivery and takeout. As we all know, these are vastly different experiences. They should be rated separately. We’re also adopting a rating range from 0.0 to 10.0 across the platform. Zagat historically used a 30-point rating system, but we believe a 10-point scale is more easily understood by users, while also providing more nuance than the typical five-point or five-star scales.

Second, we have optimized the platform for vertical photo sharing and short-form reviews. Zagat has always been built for utility—the printed guide was sized to fit in your pocket, and it eschewed photos in favor of brevity and clarity. But photos help us tell stories, and they’re now an inextricable part of our digital life. The new Zagat makes it easy to share an experience in a format that feels compelling and familiar.

Most importantly, the new Zagat will be the only restaurant discovery platform in the world that consists entirely of post-pandemic content. This means you can expect the most accurate information and ratings based on the way things are today—not last year.

We’re particularly enthusiastic about the new Zagat having its debut in Miami, an incredible city with a rich, vibrant culture of dining. Our goal is to create a new platform both rooted in a strong history and ideally positioned to take on the future. Miami is building with that same formula.

Please join us in the new Zagat community by signing up to rate and review your favorite restaurants, via the website or apps on iOS and Android. Check out our support page for the Community Values and Guidelines, FAQ, and contact information. And stay tuned for more news and updates about Zagat and how we can meet this moment together.